2012-01-24 Deep Dive – IPv6 Tunnels for Multiple Networks


We are still getting the bugs worked out with regard to videos & this podcast, so if all else fails, here is the same video on YouTube. (Sending feedback if something is broken would REALLY be appreciated.  Thanks! –Brett)

In this deep dive, we do some advanced IPv6 hacking with the gogoc client.  The gogoc IPv6 tunnel broker isn’t setup to handle subnetting and multiple interfaces.  In this ComputeCycle.com deep dive, we install gogoc, get an IPv6 tunnel, and then customize the internal gogoc scripts to handle our multiple interfaces with separate IPv6 subnets.

To sign up for your own IPv6 tunnel, head over to freenet6.

If all you want to do is run IPv6 on your home network, you can ignore changing the host type, the prefix length, and all of the modifications to linux.sh

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